Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blog of The Year

Thanks so much to Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat for selecting Babbling Books for the prestigious Blog of the Year 2012 award! I am honored beyond belief.  As I posted for The Beautiful Blogger Award, winners should under no circumstances feel obligated to post or pass along. Only do so if you really want to.

The rules of this award are as follows.

1.   Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award.

2.   Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

3.   Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award at The Thought Palette and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)

4.   Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them.

5.   You can now also join the Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience.

6.   As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…

My choice of winners are as follows:

Books For Me - Vibina reviews both classics and popular fiction. Her blog is engaging and especially fun to read!

Gently Mad – Sharon covers an eclectic mix of books including history and fiction. Her perspective is both intelligent and original.

A Night's Dream of Books – Maria’s blog is not just one of the most aesthetically beautiful places in the blogosphere, but she provides thought provoking commentary on science Fiction, drama, philosophy, theology and more!

Reading, Writing, Working, Playing – Jane covers history, literature, walking and more. This is a blog takes a fascinating but different approach to book blogging.

St. Orberose – Miguel was the dark horse winner of last year’s Liebstar Award. He provides brilliant commentary on both Portuguese as well as literature from around the world.

Therapy Through Tolstoy – Lucy’s blog is a terrific mix of intellectual literary commentary as well as insightful musings on life in general.

These blogs are all super. Please check them out. If there is anyone remaining out there who is not familiar with Caroline’s blog it is also a must read.

Congratulations to all the winners!

More awards to follow in the coming weeks.


Sharon Wilfong said...

Brian: Thanks so much for picking my blog. It really made my day. Also I'm glad to learn about the other bloggers. I'm going to go check out their blogs.

vb said...

im super excited and thank u so much for selecting my blog ...and thank u so much for the kind words...Im going check out other blogs toooo...

Caroline said...

Thanks for the kind words and how wonderful to discover so many new to me blogs. :)

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Sharon - Your blog is certainly deserving! Have a great day!

Brian Joseph said...

Hi VB - As you know I think that your blog is fantastic. Have a great day!

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Caroline - Thanks again for the ward!

One reason that I really wanted to get these awards up is to share with everyone the blogs that I enjoy!

Maria Behar said...

Hey, Brian!

CONGRATULATIONS on receiving this prestigious award!! You and your blog really deserve it!! :)

I'm truly honored that you chose my blog as one of those deserving this wonderful recognition, as well!! Thank you SO much!!

As I explained in my reply to you (in the comments section of my "Shelf Candy Saturday" post), I don't really accept awards anymore, because it's so time-consuming to pass them on, etc. (You replied -- in my comments section -- that you understood, and I'm now replying here.) I am nevertheless accepting this award because of who is giving it to me -- Brian Joseph, the blogger with the VERY interesting intellectual blog!! So I will definitely put up a post regarding this, with a link back to your blog, because I do appreciate the fact that you think so highly of my blog. However, I won't be passing on the award, for the reasons you're already aware of.

Again, CONGRATS to you, and thanks for picking my blog!! :)

Lucy said...

Thank you so much, this has also made my day :) My 7/8 months of blogging so far have been so rewarding.

Your posts never fail to inspire and interest me, so I appreciate that too!

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Maria - You are too kind! Thanks!

I totally understand. I almost did not put up these award blogs as I do not want people to feel obligated to put up reciprocal posts. I just wanted to recognize some great blogs out there.

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Lucy - Thanks for the good word! I am glad that I had the chance to recognize your blog!

LMR said...

Brian, I'm ashamed to say I only discovered this today. I would have thanked you sooner otherwise!

LMR said...

Also, I just noticed I'm the only man amongst the winners :)

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Miguel - No worries. I should have let you know but I did not want to make too much of a big deal to the winners as I do not want folks to feel obligated to put up a reciprocal post.

Ha! I also did not realize that there was a gender imbalance here:)