Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Vibina from Books for Me for awarding me this blogging accolade.  I must confess to being a little embarrassed when presented with these honors.

For those who choose to pass the award on the rules are as follows:

1.    Include the blog award logo in your post and repost the rules.
2.   Thank the person you nominated.
3.   Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about it.
4.   Post seven random facts about yourself.

Seven facts about me:

1 – I have been married to my beautiful wife for sixteen years.

2 – I have a Bachelor of Arts in History from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

3 – Since 1988 I have only purchased cars that have manual transmissions.

4 –My first rock concert was a Ronnie James Dio show in 1985.

5  – I love to walk in the forest.

6– I currently watch no fictional television shows.

7 – Despite number 6, I have seen every single episode of every Star Trek Series (plus the movies) ever made.

As always, winners should under no circumstances feel obligated to post or pass along. Only do so if you really want to. These awards are just meant to have fun with. I just want to acknowledge Blogs that I enjoy

Recognizing fifteen blogs are a lot for many of us. I imagine lots of folks do not regularly read that many blogs! My advice for those who do want to pass this on is to take the rules with a grain of salt!

The winners are:

Andrew Blackman Andrew is a writer who with a healthy does of smarts and wisdom, He covers literature, politics, social issues and life in general.

Angels are Kids and Furkids – Angie covers a voracious number of books with insightful but often fun reviews.

At Home in the Kitchen – Cat talks and cooks food. This blog will make you hungry!

Book Belle - Belle is a fun and lively writer who comments on a wide variety of books from the classics to contemporary fiction.

Book Dilettante – Harvee writes terrific commentary a vast variety of fiction ranging from historical fiction to mysteries.

An Enduring Romantic – Gautam covers an amazing choice of works from Shakespeare to Hindi Epics.

Joyce’s Choices – Joyce and her guest bloggers provide reviews on books and literary news. Her smart commentary covers literature, history, current events and more.

The Parish Lantern – Gary provides smart and insightful commentary on wide variety of literary subjects. His style and approach is refreshingly different.

Postcards from Asia – Delia is a fantastic writer who covers classic and popular literature, movies and commentary on life in general.

The Relentless Reader – Jennifer’s manages to write such  fun posts while providing smart commentary on literature, history, current events and more!

Resistance is Futile –Rachel covers a wide variety of books as well as topics. I really like her non – stereotypical thinking and approach.

Rivers I Have Known – Amritorupa provides sharp and to the point commentary on a host of different styles of books.

Seraillon – Scott writes brilliantly about the most interesting and thought provoking books.

The True Book Addict – Michelle provides great commentary on books along with amazingly cute pictures of cats. What else can one ask for in a blog!

Winston' s Dad – Stu covers a great variety of books. His commentary is  fresh, surprising and very original.

Wuthering Expectations – Tom’s commentary is amazingly intelligent. He is one of the smartest bloggers out there! He covers literature including a fair amount of poetry.

Congratulations to all the winners I urge my readers to explore all of the above blogs as well as Vibina’s superb site, Books for Me.

Happy blogging and reading everyone!


Anonymous said...


Each time you make me discover an award I wasn't aware of.
There seem to be plenty of them in the blogosphere.


Brian Joseph said...

Hi Emma - Almost as many awards as there are blogs!

LMR said...

Congratulations, Brian! You deserve it, your blog is indeed lovely.

Brian Joseph said...

Thanks Miguel. I do not know if I would really call it "Lovely" though :) Its kind of in the sprit of it all!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Okay, first of all, Brian, thank you so much for the award. I'm award free so I don't repost (thanks for the disclaimer, by the way), but I really appreciate you acknowledging me and my blog. =O) The award is much deserved for you as well.

Secondly, we have quite a lot in common.

1. Although I do not own one now, I learned to drive on a manual transmission and my first car (and many more later on) were manual transmission.

2. BIG fan of Ronnie James Dio. I saw Black Sabbath in concert when he was the lead singer. =O)

3. HUGE, HUGE fan of Star Trek! Are you looking forward to the new movie coming out soon? I know I am!

I am already a reader of several blogs on your list, but I will definitely check out the rest.

Thanks again!

Harvee said...

Congrats, Brian, on your lovely award and for the nice words about my blog, and also passing along the award to Book Dilettante, and to other blogs. I'll certainly visit the other award winners!

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Michelle - Your Blog certainly deserves the honer!

I have such mixed feelings about the first J.J. Abrams' Star Trek and will likely have about the next film. I think that the first movie was in many ways brilliant and captured some aspects of what made Trek great. But like several of the Star Trek films I think that it misses one of the main points of Rodenberry's vision. I feel that Star Trek should not be about space battles and one dimensional villains. When the franchise is at its best it is about understanding and exploring differences and diversity. Conflict and misunderstandings are common in the best stories but usually worked out without violence. "Shoot em Up" space wars are exactly what Star Trek should not be about. That being said I will certainly see the new movie!

The work that Dio did with Sabbath was brilliant and in some quarters underrated. I wish I had seen him with Sabbath!

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Harvee - Your blog certainly deserves the recignition. You can find some great sites by exploring this list!

stujallen said...

many thanks for mention ,my first concert was the smiths in 85 long time ago when I was younger ,all the best stu

Tom Cunliffe said...

Interesting! Is it unusual to drive manual transmission cars in the USA? Manual is the default option over here in the UK. Glad you're pleased with your award.

Caroline said...

Congratulations. Well deserved.
I have a bad conscience now. I've received another two as well and din't pass them on.

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Stu - 1985 was such a great year! Interesting co - incidence, I was younger in 1985 too!

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Tom - I forgot that manuals were more popular in Europe. People in the USA look at you like you have two heads when you tell them that you bought one over here. I thought that their popularity was also diminishing in Europe too.

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Caroline - As you know I struggled as to weather to put these up or not too. As you see I tried to space the awards out as well as relieve pressure to repost.

Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

Brian, thanks for the nice words. I, too, would not describe my blog (or writing, or self) as "lovely" but I appreciate the thought.

Suko said...

Congrats on your award! I have not seen this design. (I am here from Harvee's book blog.)

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Tom - Ha you made me laugh! Lovely is a fine word for your blog

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Suko - Thanks for stopping by! It seems that there are so many awards out there these days.

Ryan said...

I've seen many metal shows but I never saw Dio. There is some serious jealousy over here...

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Ryan - That show how was in his heyday. It was in the Nassau Coliseum. An extremely high tech lasers extravaganza, simulated dragons, all sorts of crazy stuff. So loud that you could not hear yourself scream. Those were the days!

Unknown said...

Hi Brian! Congrats on your nomination. It is well-deserved. Your blog is one of the few that I'll actually stop and read rather than just skim through...that's because you have such philosophically titillating posts. :)

Thanks for recognizing my blog, as well. I appreciate that. :) I generally don't participate in blog awards for the same reasons that you included your disclaimer, but I always appreciate the compliment.


Brian Joseph said...

Hi Rachel - Congratulations and thanks!

Your blog is super and I just wanted to point folks to it!

@parridhlantern said...

Congrats & a thank you, my first concert was Pink Floyd The Wall Show, my second an early pre fame Pogues gig. Which is a perfect summing up of my blogging style, partly traditional partly psychedelic mainly thrashing around in a mosh pit & seeing what comes out. Glad to have found your blog and long may it continue.

Brian Joseph said...

Thanks the the good word Parish!

Pink Floyd the Wall is an impressive first concert.

Your analogy between a Pogues concert and blogging is brilliant!

Andrew Blackman said...

Congratulations on the award, Brian, and many thanks for nominating me! I appreciate your kind words. I've been so busy getting ready for my launch that I'm only just catching up with my blog reading, so it was a nice surprise to see this! BTW I also have a history degree, drive manual cars and am not watching any fictional TV shows.

Brian Joseph said...

Hi Andrew - I certainly understand the busy thing!

Funny about what we have in common!